Lotus Flower Beanie

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Oh my! This beanie ❤️

This luxurious beanie worked up in the stunning Lotus Flower pattern, knit with 100% merino wool and topped with a handmade faux fur pom will have everyone asking where you got your hat from.  Hat FOMO is a very real condition 😉

Treat yourself, treat someone you love.

More colours will be added as I make  them.  You'll end up wanting one for every day of the week.  No, really!

In addition to the 'ready to ship' beanies, there are a number of pre-order slots available in the colours listed.  Allow 1 - 2 weeks (maximum but likely earlier).

Please remember these are hand knitted so no two hats will be the same and these will certainly not have that machine finished, factory mill look ... thank the heavens!


100% single ply, pure merino wool.  It won’t survive a washing machine and I’d cry silent tears if you killed your beanie in such a way.

Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.  The hat, not yourself.

Fluff the pom occasionally with a hairdryer on a cool setting and should your hat start to look ‘fuzzy’ gently run a razor over it.  Yep, you read that right.

Do not tumble dry, iron or dry with a flame thrower. Actually, why do you even have a flame thrower?




Pattern : Lotus Flower Beanie

Wool : Malabrigo Rasta