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Welcome to the  Beanie Boat.

Where handmade goodness is at the heart of all that we do.  

Every.  Single.  Thing.

Go on, be kind to yourself and someone you love.

What's Happening?

What a year it's been!!  Due to Covid-19 our planned year has changed dramatically and we know you are all in the same boat with us.  So, instead of heading to some fabulous artisan markets, we are working away in the background to come up with lots of lovely goodies for you to spoil yourself and those you love, direct from the comfort of home.

Here is the planned 2020 Christmas calendar ... oh yes, we mentioned the C word!

Oct 3rd ~ Release of all the knitted goods that have been dropping off the needles during lockdown.  Lots of one-of-a-kind knits and some old favourites.  If you follow us on social media you will have seen some of the loveliness.

Oct 15th ~ Order books open for Christmas knits (and no, we don't mean goofy Christmas jumpers!)

Nov 1st ~ Limited edition Soapy Goodness gift boxes go live ... you will NOT want to miss out on these.  Trust me.

Nov 30th ~ Last call at the bar ... well, for made to order items anyway.

Dec 18th ~ Last 1st class posting date for UK addresses. (International dates range from Dec 7th thru Dec 16th.  Pop us a message and we'll tell you the deadline for your intended country).