KnitPro Symfonie Double Pointed Needle Sock Set (15cm)

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Labelled for sock knitters but let's be honest .. we're only limited by our imagination.  I am not a sock knitter by any stretch of the imagination and I still use these dpn's on hats, gloves, leg warmers etc (how very 1980's of me).  One day I may do a pair of socks on teeny tiny needles ... but not today.

Clearly marked with sizes for easy reference, this set of 15cm Double Point Knitting Needles has been specially designed for sock knitters, and comes with a useful, top-closing vinyl case.

How lovely ... these come with six needles, rather than the normal five, to cover accidental loss.

Package contains

6 sets needles : 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3 & 3.25mm
1 case

Material :

Wood needles.

Vinyl case.

Made from laminated birchwood, perfectly polished for just the right finish, all KnitPro Symfonie accessories have a unique chevron patterning that give them their amazing strength. The interlocking pieces hold together beautifully to prevent snapping and splintering so you can knit away without having to worry about your yarn snagging. Luxuriously smooth and with a mesmerising mixture of colours, every Symfonie needle tapers to a fine point making for a truly high quality range of craft accessories.