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Rainbow Bright
Rainbow Bright
Rainbow Bright

Rainbow Bright

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Seriously the squishiest rainbow ever!

This gorgeous hat is knit with a super chunky yet lightweight yarn that gives you a fat, chunky hat but without all the weight.

Adorned with a fabulous fluffy multi coloured wool bobble.

Please remember these are hand knitted so no two hats will be the same and these will certainly not have that machine finished, factory mill look ... thank the heavens!

Also, I've done my best to take the clearest picture of the wool colour that I can but it may look slightly different on your screen than it does in person.  You will still love it, honest.


Depending on how full the order book is, there could be a lead time of 1 - 2 weeks on your hat (MAXIMUM).  Once I receive your order I will message you to let you know the expected 'making up date'.  If you absolutely MUST have this by a certain date, pop me a message in the text box on checkout and I will see what I can shuffle around.


100% acrylic but because of the attached bobble it can't go in the washing machine.  Sorry.  Hand wash only.  

Do not tumble dry, iron or put in the oven.  Seriously.  Don't.





Pattern : Modified Riverbend