Mendocino Beanie

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This beanie is a 'must have' for those who like the luxurious look of cables and texture but without all the bulk.

Kettle dyed, pure merino wool.  Lightweight and soft as a cloud.

In addition to the 'ready to ship' beanies, there are 10 pre-order slots available in the colours listed.

Please remember these are hand knitted so no two hats will be the same and these will certainly not have that machine finished, factory mill look ... thank the heavens!

My pictures do not do justice to richness of this wool.  I've done my best to provide the clearest picture of the wool colour that I can but it may look slightly different on your screen than it does in person. 

No matter how I tried, I could not capture the colours in 'Cypress' and 'Amoroso'. They are, respectively, a deep cypress green and a gorgeous red/purple mix.  If you buy either of these and absolutely hate it when you get it, I will take back, unworn, with no questions asked.  You need to notify me as soon as you get it though.  I'm not worried  ... you'll love it.


Depending on how full the order book is, there could be a lead time of 1 - 2 weeks on your hat (MAXIMUM).  Once I receive your order I will message you to let you know the expected 'making up date'.  If you absolutely MUST have this by a certain date, pop me a message in the text box on checkout and I will see what I can shuffle around.


100% pure merino wool.  It won’t survive a washing machine and I’d cry silent tears if you killed your beanie in such a way.

Dry flat.  Do not tumble dry, iron or dry with a flame thrower. Actually, why do you even have a flame thrower?




Pattern : Mendocino Beanie

Wool : Malabrigo Chunky