Layer Cake Hat

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UPDATE : There will be no more orders taken for these in 2020.  Keep an eye out in January for me opening up the order book for 4 slots for 2021.  Yes, only 4!


There won't be many of these around!

The time these take to make cannot be overlooked ... but the end result is thing of pure beauty that you will want to wear year round.  Yes, I wore mine this summer on night walks with the pooch!

Knit on the teeniest of needles and double layering of each colour makes this a super warm hat that will bring you joy just looking at it, let alone wearing it.

Knit with hand-dyed 100% merino wool it simply screams luxury.

This comes with a full, plump, wool bobble.  If you do NOT want a bobble please say in the comments box on check out.  It looks equally amazing without a bobble.

Please remember these are hand knitted so no two hats will be the same and these will certainly not have that machine finished, factory mill look ... thank the heavens!

Also, I've done my best to provide the clearest picture of the wool colours that I can but it may look slightly different on your screen than it does in person.  You will still love it, honest.


100% wool but due to super-wash pre-treatment your hat can be machine washed on gentle (you MUST remove the bobble first as they cry lots of tears on spin cycle).

Do not tumble dry, iron or put in the oven.  Seriously.  Don't.





Pattern : Full of Minis Hat

Yarn : Ducky Darlings