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Knit Pro Blocking Wire Kit
Knit Pro Blocking Wire Kit

Knit Pro Blocking Wire Kit

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Pack of 15 stainless steel blocking wires with 20 T-Pins.

Wires are a godsend when blocking anything with a curve (or indeed super long items). 

Slip the wire through the edges of your project and place T-Pins along the inside of the wires to hold them in place while your work dries.

Package contains

6 wires of 95cm
6 wires of 50cm
3 flexible wires of 95cm
20 T-Pins
1 measuring tape

Material :

Stainless steel (rust proof .. yay!)


PLEASE NOTE: This is a large/long item and has some restrictions on postal services which can be used. In the UK we may send it using an alternative service to that selected and in this case we will contact you, and refund your order in full if you are not happy to proceed.

Outside of the UK we are unable to send it using our standard postal services and prices - please contact me to get a price for delivery prior to completing your order.