KnitPro Colour Coded Cables

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I love these cables.  I am a bit of a visual person and find it easier to just be able to grab the colour cable I know I need rather than untangle all my black ones (yes, I have too many ... the struggle is real)

These fabulous cables can be used with any of Knit Pros interchangeable shanks (even the Tunisian crochet hooks).

Resilient and flexible cables work without kinks or twists, making it even easier to knit your projects in the round. When the shanks are attached firmly the joins are almost seamless, so you can be sure of a quality knitting experience, whatever you're making.

Featuring a specially designed "key" to tighten your join and and ensure your needle stays connected, all KnitPro cables come with two end caps to keep your knitting safe when you need to switch projects. 

Please note - The length given on each cable (i.e. 60cm, 80cm, 100cm etc) is always measured from tip to tip as per standard industry practice. This length is achieved only after connecting the interchangeable needles to the cable.  The 40cm length is attained by using the shorter shank.  You actually get 42cm with a standard shank.


Yellow = 20cm to make 40cm IC needle 

Blue = 28cm to make 50cm IC needle

Neon Green = 35cm to make 60cm IC needle

Orange = 56cm to make 80cm IC needle

Red = 76cm to make 100cm IC needle

Package contains

Set of 1 Cable, 2 End Caps & 1 Cable Key

Material :

Plastic, Metal