Jackson’s Dodgy Knee Raffle

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*** Jackson story follows the raffle info. ***
Grab yourself a ticket (or two, or three) for your chance to snag one of the following :
  • A bespoke Strata Beanie.  100% hand-dyed merino luxury.  Value £72.  
  • A pet portrait (of your pet, not Jackson) as drawn by the amazingly talented Sarah Cameron. Priceless. 
  • A 2023 race entry into ANY* one of the Centurion Running events. Value up to £215.  Normal qualifying rules apply. Must be 20 on race day.  *Track 100 excluded.  
The LIVE draw will take place on July 31st.  You may gift your prize, including the race place.  
You won’t receive a physical ticket.  Your receipt is your proof of purchase. 
*** Below is from the GoFundMe page ***

Settle in. I’ve a story to tell you about a dog named Jackson.
Five years ago I was at the rescue centre looking for an adventure buddy. I certainly wasn’t planning on a dog with a battered background. But then I wasn’t planning on Jackson. He stole my heart from the first minute.
He had a terrible first year of life. Beaten unconscious, teeth kicked in, ribs broken in one home and then used as a bait dog in the next with some pretty horrid injuries. Too many injuries to list.
He should have been a lost cause. He certainly should never have trusted humans again. But he did. He trusted me to give him the life he deserves and I’m doing my best to live up to that every single day.
One of the biggest hurdles we have worked on (and it never goes away) is his fear of other dogs. The very first time we encountered a dog together he spun in circles and pooped himself. He’s petrified of unknown dogs when he’s on a lead and I firmly believe it’s a ‘doggy PTSD’ thing where he remembers being tied up and fighting dogs set on him. Off lead, he’s amazing. He’s gone from scared of everything to loving nothing better than running around with ALL the dogs.
When we came across Canicross it opened a whole new world.
He loves to run. And when I say ‘love’, I mean LOVE! He’s never happier than when he’s running (ok, eating might actually be his favourite hobby).
Sadly he has been benched. He has cruciate ligament damage, bone spurs and onset of arthritis. It is in both back knees but severe in the right. We are looking at surgery on the right leg in early December.
I have insurance on him but unfortunately they are connecting his situation to his previous injuries.
I am currently at £1,600 on two consults, metacam and the CT scan (which was £1,400 alone!)
I have been given an estimate of £4,200 for the surgery alone and open ended on consults, aftercare, medications etc.
I’m expecting it will be close to (if not more) than £6k.
Asking for help does not come easy but he’s only six and has so much more to see and do.  He can’t spend the rest of his life just gentle walking on a lead.  He’ll never be able to be near another dog again and that would break my heart.
I will provide a full and transparent account of every penny spent. 
I don’t know how to end this except to say THANK YOU for reading this far and please know that I am humbled by every offer of help.
**Anything raised over the initial target will go into reserve for the follow up appointments and for the inevitable surgery on the left rear knee.**